Rosemarie Hoffman, M.A Master Certified Reading and Dyslexia Specialist
Rosemarie Hoffman, M.A Master CertifiedReading and Dyslexia Specialist 

Qualifications and Success Stories

"You are amazing! The school has been impressed by what you have accomplished. You are on their referral list with a big star!"

                                -- Parent of 4th grade child


"Thank you for doing all that you did for me. I am so thankful that you got me where I am today. Now I believe I can do anything." 

                                -- Fourth grade student


"All through my childhood I struggled with reading and spelling in school. As an adult, I have always been so ashamed when I had to read or spell when others could see what I was doing. Rosemarie has helped me to improve my reading and spelling so much that I am now confident enough to tutor children with dyslexia as a part-time job. I am so grateful for the help and encouragement I received from Rosemarie."

                                  -- Adult with dyslexia


"Thanks so much for letting me know how well your experience with Rosemarie tutoring Oliver went; you made my day. I'm so glad that Oliver has made so much progress--very exciting! Rosemarie is amazing; I'm not sure what her magic power is, but I hope she never retires!"

                                   -- A psychologist who referred an 8th grade client


"Thank you so much for helping Emily. She has shown great confidence already. You will never understand the impact you have made on not only her but also on us as her parents."

                                   -- Mother of a 9th grade student after 4 months of instruction


"Lindsey is now in 8th grade and THRIVING! We talk about you often and how grateful we are for you and the impact you had on Lindsey's life!"

                                    -- Mother of an 8th grade student



  • Master Certification in Orton-Gillingham-based tutoring methodology
  • Advanced Tutoring Certification

Additional Training

  • Associate-Level Orton-Gillingham training
  • Advanced training in a nationally-acclaimed reading instruction program
  • Training in Lindamood-Bell methodology:
    • LiPS®
    • Seeing Stars®
    • Visualizing and Verbalizing®
    • On Cloud Nine®


  • 22 years experience instructing students one-on-one
  • Experienced with AD/HD and Learning Disabilities
  • Certified Teacher
  • Experience teaching in the public schools


  • Masters Degree in School Psychology
  • Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education

Why Choose Me to Help You or Your Child?

  • I am certified at the Masters and Advanced Levels in reading and dyslexia tutoring.
  • I am a Dyslexia Specialist.
  • I have received advanced specialized training from recognized organizations in Orton-Gillingham based teaching and tutoring methodologies; many other tutors are full-time school teachers who tutor in their spare time and have no dyslexia or reading training and certifications, which require extensive training and experience to achieve proficiency.
  • I provide personalized one-on-one instruction: All my instruction is personal, one-on-one instruction—I do not do group instruction or group-supervised self-study manuals, as do many national learning and tutoring centers.
  • All instruction is from me, not hired helpers: Besides having two college degrees in education, I have taken extensive specialized reading and math tutoring training and have certified at the masters and advanced levels in reading instruction.
  • I do more than just teach reading; I teach spelling, vocabulary, fluency, reading with expression, comprehension, grammar, capitalization and punctuation. Your child will need all of this to succeed in real life in school and later at work.
  • I have a proven track record in helping students. Please see the Results tab for the before and after test results of reading levels and the Success Stories tab for parent and student spontaneous feedback on how I have affected their child’s life.
  • I am dedicated to tutoring: Tutoring is what I do, not a second job.
  • I have a Master’s Degree in School Psychology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education.
  • I am a certified Kindergarten through 8th grade teacher.
  • I am experienced with AD/HD and Learning Disabilities.
  • I have extensive experience tutoring (22 years).
  • I can usually accommodate your schedule: I tutor throughout the day—morning, afternoon, evening, and on Saturdays.
  • I can provide certification for your child to join Learning Ally (formerly, Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic organization; see; this an organization that provides recordings of books and academic textbooks).
  • I also teach adults to read and spell.
  • Other learning centers often use low-paid personnel who might not have specialized training or certification in an Orton-Gillingham-based reading program.

Praise from Parents and Students

“The best decision I made in my quest to get my son the help he needed to overcome his reading problems was to call Rosemarie Hoffman and ask her to test him for dyslexia. She was warm, patient, and very competent. I was so impressed with her; I asked that she tutor my son after he was diagnosed with severe dyslexia and dysgraphia. We drove an hour both ways every weekend to benefit from her services. David loved her, and so did I. He went from reading eleven correct words per minute, to almost reading at grade level in less than a year. I would recommend her to anyone whose child is struggling to read.”

                    -- Parent of second grader


"Rosemarie, your final report brought a tear to my eye. You've done such amazing work with Jack, and he is really going to miss you. More importantly, you have been a stable constant in a time where everything else was not working in his life. I think of you as almost a lifesaver. Thanks so much for all of your patience and perseverance with Jack. We would be so happy to continue to work with you in the future."

                     -- Parent of a seventh grader


"At the time at which we started services with Rosemarie, my 8 year old was embarrassed and frustrated by his perceived abilities. His confidence levels, which in a normal season was always stable and high, were completely tanked as he began to compare himself and his reading skills to his peers.  He even stopped reading with me. We needed intervention not only to help with his reading, but also his emotional state. Rosemarie was kind, gentle and affirming of his ability to grow from where he was to where he needed to be.  My son felt safe, loved, and encouraged by her technique and approach and her overall persona. Rosemarie, quite literally, saved my son from academic and personal despair. He has always been bright and gifted, but now he KNOWS he is and is confident he can do the work. She has been a gift to our family." 

                        -- Mother of a 3rd-grade boy in Virginia


“I highly encourage any person or parent who needs help with reading to work with Rosemarie. Since my daughter started working with Rosemarie 3 months ago, she has gone from giving up on spelling tests and going to the nurse, to reading billboards and doing word games. My daughter tells me now that she loves reading because it opens up new worlds for her. Three months ago I never would have thought that my 7-year-old would pass the GCRCT; however, she passed with flying colors and is advancing with hope and confidence to her next grade in school. Rosemarie’s constant encouragement has changed our lives. Now my daughter looks forward to school each day. She enjoys reading stories and learning new words. Rosemarie’s tutoring has given my daughter the skills and confidence that she needs to succeed at school.”

                    -- Parent of first grader


"Rosemarie is a delightful person to work with, and my son looked forward to his time with her. Not only did she make the tutoring experience engaging but my son's decoding ability jumped two grade levels in six weeks. Her patient and caring manner easily earned the respect and admiration from a struggling reader who previously did not enjoy reading. Now he loves to read!"

                      -- Parent of a third grader


“Mary has been doing great. She will start 5th grade this fall. Your tutoring really helped her and she has so much more confidence in her reading now. Spelling tests have also gotten easier. She completed reading all the Harry Potter and the Percy Jackson books. Now she is reading another series by the Percy Jackson author. Thank you for all your help. You really made the difference in Mary’s life.”

                      -- Mother of a former student writing back


"This is amazing progress in reading for Caitlin. I believe that your excellent work has made a life changing difference in Caitlin’s education and development."

                       -- Psychologist in Georgia


"Rosemarie, you have truly been a blessing to our children in this school. I will definitely keep your contact information close and reach out to you again. Riley’s reading has blossomed under your instruction, and it has had a positive effect on his whole demeanor. Thank you so much!"

                        -- Principal from a private school in Texas  


“My kids really like you. And my 16-year-old Hazel doesn't like anyone!! You   have honestly been the first tutor she loves!! It makes me so happy! :)"

                         -- California mother of an 11th grader and a 6th grader 


“You changed Joel's life with his time with you and we are forever grateful. We all think of you often and appreciate everything you did for us. ❤️

                           -- Mother of a former student from Georgia, several years later 


“I could never thank you enough for all you have done for Jack. You have been instrumental in changing his life. Thank you for all you do.”

                            --  Grandmother of an 8th grade student from Pennsylvania


“Dan began tutoring in the summer before 10th grade. He was only reading at the 4.6 grade level. He was reading better than only 1% of children at his grade level. This is in the extremely deficient range. was failing many classes in high school. Dan completed all 10 Levels by the beginning of 11th grade. His reading improved to the high school level, and his reading score was within the average range. This improvement occurred in only 14 months! Dan’s parents report that he picks books up to read for entertainment without any prodding. Dan reports that he can understand his textbooks. Dan is no longer failing his classes and is doing well in classes such as Chemistry, History, and Literature.”

                    -- Parent of 11th grade student


“I failed my science high school exit exam because I couldn’t read the words. After I had tutoring from Ms. Hoffman for reading and spelling, I retook the test and I passed this time because I COULD read the words! I also started making A’s in my senior literature class because I could finally read the words. My friends were making fun of me because they thought I wouldn’t be able to spell the words. I just did what Ms. Hoffman had taught me and used finger spelling under the desk, and I was able to spell the words. I was so excited to go back to my next tutoring session and tell Ms. Hoffman that it really worked!”

                    -- Senior high school young man


“Jake and I want to thank you for all you have done for him. In 3 months you have managed to take his reading level from a 2.8 (below grade level) to a 3.6 (at grade level). While I realize we still have a long way to go in working with him and his dyslexia, you have been a light at the end of a very long dark tunnel. I have seen a renewed sense of confidence in his reading and self esteem and this is in large part due to you. We can't thank you enough for everything!”

                    -- Parent of third grader


“I am so grateful for your patience and dedication to your students. Tiffany did very well when we saw you for two hours at a time; honestly I was surprised that you could keep her interested for so long. She never complained about going to see you; which made the 1 hour 15 minute drive worthwhile. Then when we began the online tutoring; it saved on the drive time, and it gave her the opportunity to work for one hour sessions. She enjoyed working one-on- one with you on the laptop through the webcam. Being able to type her responses and write on the screen and interact with you worked great. You elevated my daughter’s vocabulary, and she is reading beautifully. As you know my husband has dyslexia, but he never had the opportunity that our daughter has. We are overjoyed to hear her read without struggle at bedtime. She is enjoying reading much more, and we just completed reading a book from Laura Dower; From the Files of Madison Finn "Save the Date". She enjoyed it so much we are going to read the entire series. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to your students. May God Bless you!”

                    -- Parent of fourth grader


“Our 11th grade son Jason was labeled as Oppositional Defiant in school. We finally discovered that he could barely read and spell – he had just been getting by. We took him to Ms. Hoffman for tutoring on the recommendation of the psychologist who tested our son and discovered his learning disability. We began to see results very quickly. One of the first things that happened was that Jason read a menu himself at a restaurant when we went out to eat as a family, and he ordered himself. We had never seen that before! Instead of talking about just working in yard work after graduating from high school, he started to talk about being a helicopter pilot and other possibilities. Jason went on to college – something we didn’t think possible. Ms. Hoffman’s reading and spelling program changed our son’s life! We are so grateful!”

                    -- Parents of a high school graduate


“All through my childhood I struggled with reading and spelling in school. As an adult, I have always been so ashamed when I had to read or spell when others could see what I was doing. Rosemarie has helped me to improve my reading and spelling so much that I am now confident enough to tutor children with dyslexia as a part-time job. I am so grateful for the help and encouragement I received from Rosemarie."

                    -- Adult with Dyslexia


“After 5 months of tutoring by Ms. Hoffman, my daughter Jill went from being hardly able to read first grade level up to reading fourth grade. She used to cry when we told her it was time to read. Now she reads and writes all on her own, and she enjoys it. We are most grateful and extremely pleased with the results.”

                    -- Parent of second grader


"I wanted to thank you for all of your help with Nicole over these last few months. I am so thankful that we found you as I do believe that the weeks of treatment with you has made a difference."

                    -- Parent of a senior high school student


“Thank you for doing all that you did for me. I am so thankful that you got me where I am today. Now I believe I can do anything!”

                    -- Fourth grade student


“Rosemarie is a delightful person to work with, and my son looked forward to his time with her. Not only did she make the tutoring experience engaging but my son's decoding ability jumped two grade levels in six weeks. Her patient and caring manner easily earned the respect and admiration from a struggling reader who previously did not enjoy reading. Now he loves to read.”

                    -- Parent of third grader


"Thank you for all of your help with Katie. For the first time ever, she is doing well in school, and I can tell that she is happy and feels good about herself. This is a major change from before."

                    -- Parent of a sixth grader


“I just want to thank you for being so creative and taking the chance with technology to advance your tutoring program. We have been driving for 45 minutes each way for the past year and having 3 kids who are all involved in different activities has had its challenges. Since you started the online tutoring, we have been able to juggle the schedules and dinner a lot easier. The stress of Max being in a car for 30-40 minutes each way has eased, and we have a quality of life back. We make these sacrifices in the best interest of our children, but now that you have given us the opportunity to still learn via the web, we have gone from what was a "chore" 2 nights a week to an actual learning experience 4 nights a week. Max's anxiety has eased, and he looks forward to Skype ringing when he knows it is his 'time' to learn.”

                    -- Parent of high school student with learning disabilities


“What you have taught me has helped a lot. It has helped me with reading a whole lot. It helped me on the GCRCT tests.”

                    -- Third grade student


“Since my child began tutoring with Rosemarie Hoffman both her reading level and spelling have improved tremendously. In reading she increased over 200 lexile points and while still in 3rd grade was reading at a fifth grade level! Also, before she started the tutoring program she was only receiving 5 spelling words per week while the rest of her class received 17. By the end of the school year she was also receiving 17 words as well as completing a few of the bonus words. I cannot tell you what this has done for her confidence and self-esteem in school. This method of tutoring was a perfect solution for my child without having to disrupt her school environment or pay for an expensive private school!”

                   -- Parent of third grader


“You not only helped bring Danny’s grades up but in the process built up his self-confidence.”

                    -- Parent of seventh grader


“We want to thank you so much for all your work with our son. The results are amazing ... both in his reading and self esteem! He is now in the highest reading group.”

                    -- Parent of Kindergarten student who had to repeat because he was                            having trouble learning to read the first year of Kindergarten.


"Cannon is really enjoying working with you. I am still in awe that he asked to worked with you an extra day a week without any prompting from me. That speaks volumes. I just wish we had switched to you sooner!"

                   – Parent of fifth grader


“Our son's initial progress report from first grade showed he was borderline failing in reading and spelling. After a few months of tutoring with Rosemarie, he increased his reading and spelling skills, and eventually graduated his class with meeting expectation and was awarded Most Improved Reader by the school Principal. Not only did the tutoring help his readiness to read, but most importantly, increased his self-confidence. Thank you Rosemarie!”

                   – Parent of first grader


“You are the reason that Amy has gotten as far as she has. She has taken her reading notebook from your tutoring and is using what she learned. She is teaching the other children at school the reading rules you taught her.”

                    -- Parent of fifth grader


“Thought you would like to know that Susan got an “A” on her report card this quarter. My husband and I wanted to thank you for all your help. Susan would not have done so well without your assistance.”

                    -- Parent of second grader


“Mrs. Hoffman's tutoring has helped our daughter go from struggling with reading sight words to being a very good reader. She has more confidence with her reading and even excelled in her GCRCT reading scores! The tutoring is really paying off!”

                    -- Parent of first grade student


“Rosemarie is an essential asset to my son's education. He has been working with her for three years now and it is paying off. My son has ADHD and has benefited tremendously from her experience with this type of child. I highly recommend her!”


                    -- Parent of high school student


“Rosemarie has been a great tutor for my daughter, Becky, an upcoming 8th grader. Any subject in which Becky feels as if she needs help, Rosemarie is knowledgeable enough to help give her the confidence she needs to help Becky succeed. Rosemarie is also instrumental in helping Becky become more organized, gain better study skills, and informs me when school accommodations need to be made. I know that when my daughter asks me to see Rosemarie because she has a difficult upcoming exam, she is making a difference. Because of this, Becky was asked to be in the Beta Club this past year. Thanks Rosemarie!”

                   -- Parent of seventh grader


“The dyslexia testing was performed within a half day so it didn't wear my child out. The results were compiled in a very timely matter and were very thorough and easy to understand.”

                    -- Parent of first grader


“My child was diagnosed with Dyslexia. While researching possible learning centers and tutors, I discovered there are 4 types of programs to help children with learning disabilities. I also found that most tutors were trained in 1or 2 methods. Rosemarie is trained in all 4 methods. When I asked her why she was trained in all 4 methods, Rosemarie explained that she kept seeking training because some children were not responding to certain methods. Rosemarie has the ability to use any of the 4 methods to help your child learn according to which method your child responds to best. My child has been going to Rosemarie for 1 year. My child's GCRCT scores were excellent this year. Also, we had no more meltdowns after school when trying to do homework. My child's overall grades have become better and more consistent. School is fun again!”

                    – Parent of second grader


A seventh grade young man from Georgia completed the Orton-Gillingham program online with me in one year. He went from below grade level to scoring at the 11.0 Grade Equivalent on a nationally standardized test. His mother commented: "I have to say that you have been the best tutor that Rick has ever had! You've had great rapport with him and have kept him motivated and on task. He has learned so much from you and I can see that he's made huge gains! I really appreciate all your help and your willingness to be flexible with our schedule! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will recommend you to anyone who's looking for a reading tutor!"

                     -- Mother of a seventh grader


A third grade boy from Florida began my online Orton-Gillingham program below grade level. His mother sent this note: "Thank you very much for the work you have done with Jack this past year. We will always be grateful and remember you for being the most instrumental in teaching Jack to read. You are a talented, patient, flexible, and gifted tutor. We appreciate the important work that you do."

                     -- Mother of a third grader


“Ms. Rosemarie helped my 5th grade daughter who was diagnosed with dyslexia and as little as four months her grades improved as well as her confidence level. My daughter went from not meeting expectations in reading on the statewide test to coming within two points of exceeding expectations. I have such confidence in Ms. Rosemarie, that she will be tutoring my 11th grade daughter with her study skills. Also, we started with online tutoring, and it is working out great. Ms. Rosemarie and my daughter can see what each other is doing just like if she was in front of Ms. Rosemarie.”

                    -- Parent of fifth grader


"Dave from Utah completed the online reading program at the end of third grade after beginning the program in October of second grade. He scored at the 7.8 Grade Level Equivalent on a nationally standardized test- better than 94% of students at his grade level nationally. His mother wrote to me: "It is amazing to see the progress he's made. We're so grateful to have found you. We truly think it has changed the course of his life."

                    -- Mother of a third grader


"The way I have described the problem is that if participation in class were like walking down a beach for the rest of the class, for my son, it was like being in chest deep water walking down the same length of beach.  He could do it.  But, it took so much more effort and time, it wasn’t worth it to him.  We began to worry he’d lose the enjoyment of learning.


Putting a physical book into his hand or a pencil and trying to get him to read or write was next to impossible.  He’d 'melt' off the chair.  We knew he was intelligent.  No doubt about it.  But, school was painful (for him and us).


Then, about eighteen months ago, we found Rosemarie.  To give you an idea of how complete the turnaround has been, I need to tell you about our family tradition of reading certain passages about the Passover story from the Bible each year.  I normally read some and sometimes ask others to read.  This year, my son asked me if he could read.  (mic drop)  My wife and I immediately started tearing up. 


All we can say is Rosemarie is an angel.  I can’t even express how grateful we are to her and the amazing work she does."

                    -- Parent in Texas


I like Rosemarie because she helped me with reading. She helped me improve. We played games.  She also helped me with spelling.  We worked on vowel teams like OW, EA, EW. I learned a lot of them. Rosemarie helps kids accomplish things to get to these goals.  That's why I like Rosemarie. 

                    -- Third grade student from South Dakota


Rosemarie Hoffman has been a vital key to our daughter’s success. Before Rosemarie, our daughter struggled through school and had become very frustrated and discouraged. We tried to get her the help she needed through her school, but they told us this phase would pass as she get older and to not be concerned. Dissatisfied with this answer, we did some research and came across Rosemarie’s website and reached out. She recommended different facilities for our daughter to go to and get tested. Within a few weeks, we had a diagnosis and began to work with Rosemarie immediately. Within the first week we were able to see a difference in our daughters abilities and her attitude towards school.  Her reading abilities are now well above her class level, exceeding our expectations. She is confident while reading and finds enjoyment doing it. It was a somber day when Rosemarie called and told us she believed our daughter no longer required her services because she has been such an inspiration and light in her life. Rosemarie gave our daughter the tools to continue to grow as a confident reader, and we will truly miss her. There are not enough words to say to thank Rosemarie for all she has done for our daughter.

                    -- Parents of third grade student from South Dakota


Before I started working with Ms. Rosemarie, I didn't really like to read because it was too hard for me. After being with Ms. Rosemarie for a year, I now want to read.  I'm excited to read after school, during school, and I never thought I would ever get to this place where I am right now because of Ms. Rosemarie. 

                    -- Fifth grade student from Florida


My biggest regret in our dyslexia journey is not finding Rosemarie sooner.  Rosemarie was a complete game changer for our family in so many ways.  


When we first learned Kate was dyslexic, trying to find the answer for Kate was emotionally taxing, as Kate's frustration and disappointment in herself created a negative tone for the whole family.  Kate never felt like she was progressing in other programs we tried; the programs moved too slowly, and she never really connected with the tutor.  So much of the entire family's time was consumed in getting to and from tutoring and therapy appointments and waiting for Kate in appointments.  Not to mention, the daily emotional and time battles we already had with her homework and required at-home reading.  


Once I learned about the Barton system, I knew that was what Kate needed.  After a lot of time on Google, I found Rosemarie! Rosemarie was honestly heaven-sent to our family.  From our consultation video call, I knew Rosemarie had the warmth, kindness, and expertise to help Kate! Rosemarie was easy for Kate to connect with.  Kate immediately felt comfortable and felt understood.  


Along the way, Rosemarie helped Kate see the progress she had made.  So, even when Kate started to get down on herself (mostly when she'd compare herself to peers), Rosemarie could help her snap out of it by showing Kate how far she had come.  


Now that Kate has "graduated," she truly is on par with her peers.  Kate took the Iowa test at the end of 5th grade, around the same time when she had almost completed her lessons with Rosemarie.  Kate's scores were at or above grade level! I never, ever expected this day to come! Even more important than that is when I find Kate sitting quietly reading on her own! Without being told to read, without being timed, truly just reading for fun! I still take pictures every time I see her reading, because I still can't believe she's actually enjoying reading! She has come such a long way. 


As a parent of a child with dyslexia, the road often feels desolate and rocky and lonely.  I had so many questions along the way.  Rosemarie kept great communication with me, giving me updates about Kate's progress, helping me understand what changes I should expect to be seeing at what stage.  I am so deeply thankful for Rosemarie's support.  I'm so grateful that Rosemarie shares her gift with the dyslexia world.  

                    -- Parent of fifth grader from Florida  


“Jeff and Amy both really enjoy the tutoring online. They actually both had fun. Amy and Jeff always see mom and dad on conference calls and now that they've both had their first "conference call" they can understand why we are always "shhhhhh-ing" them. Good for you for being such a pioneer in tutoring online!"

                    -- Parent of fourth grader and seventh grader


The girls are very lucky to have you as their teacher. One of the twins has recently mentioned that one of the topics you were studying has come up on an English test they were doing and she was delighted to have known the answer! Thank you so much for all the hard work you do with the twins. 

                    -- Older sister of eighth grade students from Bahrain   


We started tutoring with Rosemarie when my daughter was in 4th grade and she graduated from Barton when she was in 7th grade.  What a journey and what a joy!  Things I love about Rosemarie include her wealth of knowledge, experience, and resources.  She was able to adapt to my daughter to help her along the way by pulling from a variety of resources.  I also love her kind and patient demeanor yet at the same time pushing just enough.  About half way through the program my daughter started reading chapter books starting with the Nancy Drew series.  She completed the entire series and is a voracious reader!  She loves to read and usually has several books going.  We homeschool and have recently done assessment testing and my daughter scored in the 90th - 99th percentile on the language arts portions.  What more can I say except that we are eternally grateful for Rosemarie!

                      -- Parents of student from Kansas  


"You have made Justin's reading so much better. He enjoys it now. He didn't have that. Thank you!"

                       -- Mother of a student who was struggling with reading still in the                             second half of kindergarten 


"Ms. Rosemarie: Thank you so much for working with Jack. We've noticed not only that Jack has improved his skills, but also just loves reading now. We're thankful that he's taken an interest in reading for fun and attribute this to his working with you."

                                  -- Father of fourth-grade student in Georgia


*Note: Names were changed in these quotes to protect privacy.

Test Results

Test Results: Reading Progress

The testing below from a sampling of my past students shows reading levels before tutoring began and then reading levels while the tutoring program was still in progress or after completion of tutoring.

  • A third grade boy initially tested at the 2.6 grade level in reading. He read better than only 25% of children his age. After 8 months of tutoring, he scored at the 5.9 grade level on the same test. He scored better than 79% of children at his grade level.
  • Mary completed the entire program in 20 months of instruction. Mary is in the 6th grade. Her Slosson reading score based on grade is better than 84% of children in her grade. Her grade equivalent score is 9.5. She was tested before she began the program and had a grade equivalent score of 3.6 when she was in the 4th grade. That is an increase of 6 grade levels in 20 months.
  • A second grader’s initial DIBELS testing indicated she was “At Risk” and read with only 39% accuracy. After 10 months of instruction and completing Level 4, her Slosson reading score shows that she is reading better than 98% of students her age and is reading at the 4.6 grade level.
  • A second grade student after only 4 months of instruction improved from a WIAT-II reading score that was better than only 42% of students her age to a Slosson reading score that is better than 90% of students in her grade and at the 4.8 grade level.
  • Jill is a 7th grade student. Before tutoring she tested at the 5.1 grade level, only 14% better than students her age. After 4 months of tutoring she was reading better than 79% of students her age and better than the 12th grade level.

Bob is a 9th grader. His scores BEFORE tutoring began are shown below.

Subtest Grade Equivalent Percentile
Word Reading 6.8 21 %ile
Pseudoword Decoding 4.6 10 %ile
Spelling 6.5 23 %ile

The scores below are Bob’s scores AFTER completing all ten Levels:

Subtest Grade Equivalent Percentile
Word Reading >12.9 82 %ile
Pseudoword Decoding >12.9 81 %ile
Spelling 10.4 63 %ile
** He spelled 4 words correctly that were counted wrong because they were homonyms of the dictated word. If those 4 words had counted, his spelling score would have been >12.9 86 %ile
  • Kate is a 3rd grader now. Before tutoring she scored better than only 11% of students at her grade level. After 21 months of tutoring, she scored better than 91% of students at her grade level. She read words at the grade equivalent of 7.1 grade level.
  • Sarah is currently in 5th grade. Before tutoring she was reading below grade level only better than 27% of students her age. After 20 months of tutoring she was reading words better than 73% of students her age and at the 7.3 grade level.
  • Mike is 9 years old. His ability to decode nonsense words (a measure of word attack skills) was measured at the Kindergarten 9th month level and better than only 8% of children his age. After 30 hours of tutoring instruction he scored at the second grade, second month level and better than 30% of children his age.
  • A second grade student after only 4 months of instruction improved from a WIAT-II reading score that was better than only 42% of students her age to a Slosson reading score that is better than 90% of students in her grade and at the 4.8 grade level.
  • A sixth grade student, after 20 months of instruction and completing the entire program, progressed from the 3.6 reading grade level to the 9.5 grade level according to the Slosson Oral Reading Test.
  • A second grader’s initial DIBELS testing indicated she was “At Risk” and read with only 39% accuracy. After 10 months of instruction and completing Level 4, her Slosson reading score shows that she is reading better than 98% of students her age and is reading at the 4.6 grade level.

Test Results: Spelling Progress

Children in my program learn to spell as well as read.

The next two pages show before and after spelling ability of a first grade child. The first page shows spelling shortly after tutoring began. The second page show spelling after 10 months of tutoring.

Before image:

After image:

The next two pages show the work of a 1st grade student, Peter, before starting tutoring. The next page shows his work as a second grader after tutoring.

Before image:

After image:  

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